Talibani Mullah Baradar to Lead ‘Interim Govt. in Afghanistan’


New Delhi: Taliban co-founder Mullah Baradar is reportedly front runner in possibility of leader in new interim Afghanistan government. Announcement is coming out soon. The rumors came in as Taliban faces Afghani Army in Panjshir.

Mullah Baradar at present leads Taliban’s political office. He belongs to the Pashtun tribe, and is a close aide to leader Mullah Muhammad Omar, the first Amir of Taliban. His name means “brother” and denoted by Mullah Omar himself as a mark of affection.

Even when Taliban was in bad shape, Baradar had the reputation of being a dangerous military leader and a genius political operator. The USA in 2010 had tracked him down to Karachi and pushed ISI under pressure to arrest him. In 2010, Baradar was detained by the ISI as he had begun to respond to overtures for peace talks from then President Hamid Karzai, Former Afghanistan President.

As Baradar is set to take charge of the government of Afghanistan, The horrendous scenes of Human Right Violation and terrorism in name of ideology is set to torture world. When it comes to his relations with Pakistan, Taliban has alr4eady declared Pakistan its second home. But, what is evident is that as the head of the new government and Taliban has officially defeated Afghanistan regime. Regardless of what is happening in Panjshir.


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