Muslims must oppose extremism, have same ancestors, says Bhagwat


RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat attended a conference on the topic ‘Nation First, Nation above All’ in Mumbai. The RSS Chief said that ‘Britishers planted poison in Muslims that they won’t get anything if they decided to live with Hindus’. During the event, Mohan Bhagwat said Hindus and Muslims fight was created by misconceptions among the communities and we have the same ancestors.

Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan and Lt Gen Syed Ata Hasnain, Chancellor, Central University of Kashmir were also present at the event. The event kicked off with the address of Hasnain, Arif Mohd. Khan, and then Mohan Bhagwat. During the event, books on Terrorism, Islam, and Hindutva were also distributed to the attendees.

On the remark of Same Ancestors, Bhagwat cited “Islam came to India with invaders. This is a known fact, and this must be stated as such without any cover-up. We had the same ancestors.”

Bhagwat also insisted that Sensible leaders of the Muslim community must oppose extremism. They will need to speak up firmly against horrendous laws. This process will need long-term effort and a tough test for all of us. The sooner we start this, the damage to our society will be minimal”.

Kerela Governor Arif Mohammed Khan, emphasized the importance of respecting diversity and pluralism in a nation saying when diversity is destroyed, Nation and Civilisation are devasted.

The meeting place while the world is witnessing Islamic extremist ‘Taliban’ taking over Afghanistan and recent remarks of Javed Akhtar over the similarity between ‘Taliban and RSS’ has erupted apology demands from BJP.


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