Taliban Enters Panjshir, Hamid Karzai expresses concern over clashes


New Delhi: Taliban has conquered Panjshir valley. Former president of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai has expressed concern over the ongoing clash in Panjshir valley, He has appealed to both the Resistance and the Taliban to stop the war. Karzai has warned that the consequences of this were will not be of any interest for the country and its people.  Hamid Karzai earlier was part of the peace talks between the two parties.

However, these talks between the Resistance and Taliban failed. Ahmad Massoud, A known face of resistance, earlier said that he believed in talks and he was ready for negotiation with the Taliban. But the Resistance force will not surrender to the Taliban. Taliban leaders on the other hand asked Resistance to surrender Panjshir in exchange for mercy or they will face consequences.

Afghanistan’s last major holdout against Taliban, Panjshir continues to face heavy clashes between Taliban fighters and an anti-Taliban group. According to media reports, resistant forces in Panjshir have captured many Taliban Terrorists.

Panjshir Valley was an inaccessible Mountain valley in the Northside of Kabul, it has a long history of resisting against Taliban since the 1990s, and it was centre of resistance against the Taliban during its first tenure. Taliban had already cut their electricity a few times for gaining ground over the resistance forces.

At present, the resistance forces claim to have killed 350 plus members of the Terror group while disfigured 290 others by attacks. On the other hand, the Taliban has claimed victory as they have killed 34 military men and captured 10 checkpoints inside Panjshir valley.


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