India Administered more vaccine in 10 days than in whole may


New Delhi: In last 10 days, India has administered more than 8.4 crore of vaccination doses with this India has surpassed total number of vaccinations done in May, Union Health Ministry data showed. The vaccines administered across the country in last 10 days is close to that from all of April, that is 8.9 crore.

In August, India administered 18.38 crore vaccine doses, more than thrice the numbers from May as supply chain and material shortage were fixed. When India expanded its vaccination drive and announced to include all adults aging 18+. Yet, India vaccinated 6.11 crore people. In June this number was 11.95 crore, while in July, 13.45 crore people were given the shots.

India vaccinated 86L people on 21st June, when the vaccine drive was centralised. On 27 and 31st august, the country administrated more than one crore vaccine doses. India vaccinated 1.13 crore people on September 7th. As of today, India has administered 70.75 crore Covid-19 vaccine shots under the nationwide vaccination drive that began on January 16.

The first people to be vaccinated were frontline workers, the second phase saw those above 60 of age getting vaccinated. The Third phase saw slowdown as demand pent up high during the second wave. Finally, it has picked up in the last few weeks amid the fears of the third wave. The journey of the last 10 crore doses i.e. from 60 crore to 70 crore was completed in just 13 days. Hence, this is the fastest pace at which the country provided 10 crore jabs. Earlier, we touched the milestone of the first 10 crore doses in 85 days.


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