Covering women’s rights protests in Kabul, Taliban 2.0 Beats Journalists


New Delhi: According to media reports by Human Rights Watch. Two Afghan based journalists were detained and beaten severely by Taliban for allegedly covering the women protests in Kabul against Taliban’s action for them.

Journalists named, Taqi Daryabi and Nemat Naqdi, from Afghanistan News Channel, Etilat-e Roz, were beaten on Tuesday, i.e. September 8th. The reporters were covering protest by women in Kabul against Taliban actions for violating and mocking rights of women and girls.

The media outlet reported that Terror group militants took two men to a police station in Kabul. They were placed in separate cells and severely beaten with hunters. Both men later received medical care from nearby hospital. Zaki Daryabi, editor-in-chief of Etilaat-e Roz said, “Two of my colleagues were detained by Taliban and were beaten for 4 hours. This is brutal torture of the Taliban, the reporters were unconscious for at least 4 times.”

Women are protesting against Taliban in Afghan capital for the second day in a row. The groups is demanding freedom and rights to be guaranteed under the new Islamic regime of Taliban. However, Taliban has urged protection women’s rights in accordance with Islamic law, their actions are speaking louder than words.

The Taliban on Tuesday has announced its new interim government with no women as a new political figure.


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