Ballon d’OR 2021: Lionel Messi talks about his biggest rivals

Messi to date holds six Ballon d’Or to his name which is the most of any other player in history.


New Delhi: The nominees for the Ballon d’Or 2021 were shortlisted and announced on October 8.

Including the magician Lionel Messi, 30 players have been shortlisted for this year.

The Argentine forward yet again had an extraordinary season in football, winning the Copa del Rey with FC Barcelona and pulling up Copa America with Argentina.

He scored 37 goals and registered 14 assists in 46 matches for the club and on international duty this season, which is an exceptional stat.

He’s the fan favourite by being successful in both collective and individual means to win his seventh Ballon d’Or title.

In a recent interview, Messi revealed his biggest rivals for the award, giving out four names, “I have two players from my team that I will obviously vote for: Neymar and Kylian [Mbappe].”

“Then there are players who individually have had a great season, like Robert Lewandowski or Karim Benzema, who also had a great year,” he added.

Underlining his statement, it is expected that Messi will be voting for Neymar and Mbappe. For the third player, the Argentine could possibly vote his eternal rival Cristiano Ronaldo, However, he stated Benzema and Lewandowski instead while listing his favourites.

Lio Messi also shared his ideology that achieving titles is starting to hold extra importance when it comes to the highest order, Ballon d’Or.

“What you have done at the collective level counts a lot to lift the Ballon d’Or. Lately the titles have a lot of weight, if you have won the Champions League, the Euro cup or the America’s Cup.” He said.

Messi to date holds six Ballon d’Or to his name which is the most of any other player in history.

Ballon d’Or will be announced on November 29 in Paris.


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