Police takes action against ‘stone pelters’ in Madhya Pradesh


New Delhi: Around 100 people are registered and 4 persons are detained in complaints filed over Stone-pelting and violence activities in three districts of Madhya Pradesh. These districts were Dhar, Jabalpur, and Barwani. Home Minister Narottam Mishra confirmed to Media. 

On Eid, there was a ruckus in Dhar city after members of a procession deviated from route and tried creating a disturbance in areas. The police denied actions like lathi-charge at the gathering. However, the videos floating on social media show police taking action.

Similar incidents were registered in Barwani, where a stone pelter injured a Police officer on duty after playing an ‘Inappropriate’ song in the procession, and Jabalpur Police was targeted with firing crackers and stones on Police officers.

Narottam Mishra talked to reporters in Capital Bhopal, The Minister expressed confidence in the police saying, the forces are taking action and added that anybody making a malicious attempt to disturb peace in Madhya Pradesh will face ‘Harshest Action”.

He added, “The situation is under control in Dhar, Barwani, and Jabalpur for now. Four persons were arrested and 100+ are named in different FIRs registered by police in Dhar. 5 people are detained in Jabalpur and 24 named in an FIR registered there.”


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