Govt. to Re-open Sea Sand Mineral Mining


New Delhi: The Central Govt. has planned to open two restricted sectors beach sand minerals and offshore mining for participation by the private sector following the PM Action plan.
This will mark the end of the Five-year-old curbs that were implemented by the central govt. itself to avoid Private bidders in sectors.

A proposal is being prepared for the same. A panel will be formed for strategic implications and assessment of the Private Bidders, Minerals such as garnet, ilmenite, and zircon commonly known as beach sand minerals as they are found along the coastal regions of peninsular India. These are refined and used in stages of the country’s nuclear power program and hi-tech defense electronics applications.

Earlier, A 60-point action plan was prepared after Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with secretaries of all departments and ministries in September.

Ironically, The restrictions were also initiated by PM Modi led NDA Government in 2015, to restrict the activities of the private sector in the mining of sand minerals. The curbs completely paralyzed private participation. The body that licensed operations of mineral separation plants by these private parties under Atomic Energy (Radiation Protection) Rules 2004 for radiological safety considerations also restricted licensing back in 2019. 


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