Nawab Malik says, Wankhede Tapping Phone


New Delhi: Maharashtra Home Minister Nawab Malik is continuing his lash against NCB officer, Sameer Wankhede. Now, Nawab Malik has been accused of him engaging in Phone Tapping. 

Nawab Malik issued a letter in public saying, that he received a call from an unnamed NCB officer. He has said that there are 26 cases in which Sameer Wankhede and his team allegedly planted drugs on people to ‘extort money from them.
Malik has requested officials to include it in the investigation being conducted against Wankhede and will be handing over the letter to the agency head.

Malik further added that Wankhede through two people in Mumbai and Thane is illegally tapping the mobile phones of some people. Malik added that Wankhede has also taken a call detail record (CDR) of his family member from the police.

A day earlier, Malik shared a birth certificate, reportedly of Sameer Wankhede, stating that his father is one Dawood Wankhede. Sameer’s father has denied his claims.

The matter has become so concerning that NCB itself has ordered a probe against Wankhede. The inquiry will be conducted by Gyaneshwar Singh, the NCB deputy director general (DDG) of the northern region based at its headquarters.


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