Rahul Gandhi calls Vaccine mark “JUMLA”, shares article


New Delhi: On Wednesday, Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi raised doubts on Vaccination data as India touched ‘100 crore doses’. He said the actual vaccination of citizens and not the fake ‘Jumla’ story will save lives. He pointed out that a large number of people are yet to be vaccinated in the country.
He shared an article by Congress president Sonia Gandhi, published in a newspaper that appreciated Indian scientists and researchers on achieving the 100-core vaccination milestone. But, she criticized the Central Government alleging that a large number of people and children are left unvaccinated. 
The article was also shared by Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and other Congress handles. Rahul Gandhi also said The Government said that they will vaccinate the entire population by end of 2021. Yet, full vaccination of these people is due. Hence, the government will miss the target. 

The Congress party earlier missed the opportunity to greet the nation on occasion and later released a statement that The PM likes to emphasize that vaccines are free, while conveniently forgetting that they have always been free. The government moved away from India’s initiative of a universal free vaccination policy.

Earlier, BJP lashed the Gandhi family for not revealing their vaccination status. Which the party later indirectly clarified that they have taken vaccination. 


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