Net Zero by 2070, clean & Green India by 2030 assures India


New Delhi: PM Modi at COP26 has announced that India will achieve its goal of Net-zero Carbon Emissions by 2070 and Renewable Energy by 2030. The world is astonished and impressed by India’s pledge to curb climate change. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also asserted that India will slash one billion-tonne projected emissions from now until 2030.

He also said that India’s target for installed renewable energy capacity by 2030 has been enhanced from 450 GW to 500 GW. In the same duration, the share of renewable energy in India’s total electricity generation has been increased to 50% by 2030, 40% was desired earlier. 
Speaking for India, PM Modi COP summit saying ‘it’s not a summit. It is a “sentiment, a commitment.”

Experts and Analysts have appreciated India for these ambitious targets as India’s new targets are expected to provide a fresh thrust to the climate talks which is making extremely slow progress for the last few years as developed nations are running away.

Making five big-ticket announcements at the climate change meeting in Glasgow. PM Modi called it ‘Panchamrit’ for the world.  

The Net emission target is necessary for India and the world as, According to the World Resources Institute database, India’s total greenhouse gas emissions in 2018 was about 3.3 billion tonnes. With this rate, India’s projected emissions between now and 2030 will be around 30-32 billion tonnes.


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