Kapil Mishra arrives Gurgaon at alleged Namaz Site for Govardhan Puja


New Delhi: Amid the tussle between Locals and police in Gurgaon Sector 12A over a procession of Namaz. BJP leader Kapil Mishra extended his support to protesting citizens by attending Govardhan puja at the site.
The Puja was organized by members of the Sanyukt Hindu Sangharsh Samiti, at the Sector 12A site in Gurgaon where namaz was taking place every Friday for the past 1 month. The Processions was stopped by locals along with Extremist Hindu Groups. This later turned into a clash with police, who were protecting the procession. 
After which, 26+ protesters were arrested for attempting to disrupt the namaz. The arrested people were released on bail the same day. Most of them were seen at the puja too. 

Kapil Mishra started addressing people with hailing firecrackers amid a ban by state governments. He said, “Yesterday on Diwali, a lot of orders were imposed on Hindus all over the country. And what was the result? The more you suppress us, the more we raise. We are peace-loving people. But, we won’t allow ourselves to get suppressed if we are pushed, now we push back.
He added, “Don’t block roads for politics, we have seen it in Shaheen Bagh. Did CAA has been revoked? Blocking roads is like blocking nerves of the human body.”

After backlash from locals, The Gurgaon administration withdrew permission for namaz at eight sites in the city. A committee, comprising members of Hindu and Muslim communities, and social organizations were constituted for identifying a list of spots where Friday namaz can be offered with mutual consultation.


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