Bids for New Prime Minister Office Opens, to be completed in 2 years


New Delhi: The Central Public Works Department (CPWD) has opened bids for a new four-story building for the Prime Minister’s Office, and the offices of Cabinet Secretariat, and the National Security Council Secretariat. The Building is to be completed within 2 years. 

The existing buildings in the South Block, where the new offices are proposed to be built, will first be demolished, as per the plan. These buildings are hutments of the Defence Ministry that have been shifted now. 
The project is worth ₹1,171 crores and the total built-up area will be approximately 87,915 sqm, including the basement area of approximately 20,879 sqm. 

The construction work of the new Parliament building and redevelopment of central vista is going at a fast pace. The new House is likely to be ready before the winter session next year. The revamp of the avenue will be completed by December this year. 
But, The PMO bid along with other offices has raised doubt on the deadline of the complete revamping of the Central Vista Project. The deadline may get extended by 1-2 years more.


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