Devendra Fadnavis Links ‘Nawab Malik and Underworld’


New Delhi: After the Nawab Malik Press conference series over Sameer Wankhede Halts, on 9th November Former Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnavis attacked NCP minister Nawab Malik saying he had “underworld links” with 1993 Mumbai bomb blast convict Sardar Shabab Ali Khan. Ali was an aide of gangsters Dawood Ibrahim and Salim Patel.
Earlier, the NCP minister tweeted a photo of a man with Fadnavis and his wife Amruta Fadnavis, claiming he was a drug peddler named Jaydeep Rana who is presently in jail, Devendra responded and neglected the claim. 
Fadnavis continued his conference saying that Malik and his family had a property dealing with Sardar Shabab Ali Khan. These properties are located at LBS Marg in Kurla with Salim Patel who was the bodyguard of Haseena Parkar aka Dawood’s sister.
He added he is going to submit all the documents to agencies for further investigation. Nawab Malik has not responded till now. 
Malik has been on fire since the Aryan Khan Arrest. He constantly attacks and teases Sameer Wankhede citing his intentional investigation and links with the central government. 


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