Delhites performed Chhath Puja in Foamed Yamuna


New Delhi: The Citizens of New Delhi performed chhath Puja in poisonous water of Yamuna River as there was no other option by the Delhi Government. Despite claims of 800+ ghats and pots, However, the Delhi Govt. asserted that they sprayed water, used boats, and tried to erect a bamboo barricade on the Yamuna River to disperse/diverge the Generated Foam.
According to sources, The Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC), has collaborated with the Irrigation and Flood Control Department and the Revenue Department, to get these measures done. 
A total of 15 boats were deployed as per the reports, to “beat the foam with sticks” and disperse it, 40+ men were deployed on the boats. Sources at the DJB said. Whereas, DJB chairman, Raghav Chadha has blamed the generated foam due to mishandling of UP Govt. 
Reports of police blocking people to perform rituals were also reported near NH9. A temporary Bamboo barricade-like structure near Kalindi Kunj was raised to prevent the foam from floating further downstream. 
The UP government has said that they will not be released water from the Okhla barrage until chhath Puja is over in Delhi. The Foam water along with Pollution rises every winter in New Delhi creating problems for the citizens. 


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