China Don’t Understand Diversity, says Dalai Lama


New Delhi: Spiritual leader Dalai Lama has once again expressed his dissatisfaction with China. According to Dalai Lama, Communist Chinese leaders “don’t understand the variety of different cultures” and their tight social rules are harmful to society. 
The 86 year old monk also said he wished to remain home in India, where he has lived since 1959 after Tibet fell against China. China is run by the officially atheist Communist Party, and Buddhist Taiwan is their lone opponent.
Dalai Lama was speaking at an online event hosted by the Tokyo Foreign Correspondents Club. The Dalai Lama said there were no plans to meet with Chinese leader Xi Jinping. He denied making any comments on Xi-Jinping’s decision to remain for 3rd term in the office. 
The CCP party China pushes rigid control over all religions and in recent years has stepped up a campaign of cultural assimilation targeting Tibetans, Turkic Muslim Uyghurs, and other minority groups. China is already humiliated in the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 
The Dalai Lama retired from politics in 2011 but remains a major face for the preservation of Tibetan traditions.
He has always been against China and the CCP. The CCP has not contacted him in recent years. However, The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin says the door to dialogue and engagement with the Dalai Lama “remains open,”.The CCP will not discuss Tibet at any cost. 


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