Maharashtra: Curfew for 4 days in Amravati, Internet also shut down as fresh violence arise

In Maharashtra’s Amarvati city, internet services were cut off and a 4 day curfew was announced on Saturday.


In Maharashtra’s Amarvati city, internet services were cut off and a 4 day curfew was announced on Saturday after witnessing fresh disputes during a Bandh, a senior police official said. 

During the Bandh (shut-down), a mob threw stones at shops, reportedly set up by local BJP workers that protested against the rallies arranged by Muslim organizations the day before to convict the recent violence in Tripura, police said.
Internet services will stay cut off for the next 3 days as to prevent the rumours that can encourage more disputes in the city, said city Commissioner of Police Arti Singh.

She also said, the curfew will remain for 4 days. 
Hundreds of people, most of them were holding saffron flags in their hands and screaming slogans, came out on roads in Rajkamal Chawk area in east Maharashtra city, on Saturday morning.

The police lathi-charged at the protestors who were throwing stones at shops to get the situation under control.
Against the ground of back-to-back incidents of stone-pelting on Friday and Saturday, additional police commissioner Sandip Patil issued orders introducing curfew in the city limits of Amravati under sections 144(1), (2), (3) of the CrPc to avoid any more incidents.

People are not allowed to come out of their houses until or unless it is a medical emergency. More than 5 people together, are not allowed, according to the order.

Police arrested about 20 people and locked 4 of them up by filing 20 FIRs under many charges, including riots, with connection of Friday’s incidents.

Meanwhile, the Cyber Cell of Mumbai police also asked people not to forward or post any false information, video or images on social media which could lead to public hatred. Strict action will be taken.


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