The amazing benefits from eating Arbi and Taro root this winter

Arbi or taro root is rich in fiber and resistant starch which could help manage blood sugar levels


The season has come of Arbi and taro root in India. Many delicious dishes can be prepared from this root vegetable. This gives a lot of Fiber, Antioxidants, Potassium, Magnesium, Vitamin C, E and Starch.

It helps you keeping your blood sugar in control and prevents you from heart disease, also reduces the risk of cancer.

It is very effective for weight loss as the fibre and it will keep you full for a good long hours and will make sure to cut down the extra calories.

Munmun Ganeriwal who is a Nutritionist and author recently shared the benefits and facts about Arbi and taro root on her instagram handle.

She wrote, “The finding of traditional and seasonal foods really excites me. These hidden gems should be known by everyone that is very important. I’m very happy to share such a gem today”.

She also tells that the taste of taro root meat is very delicious.

“This root is eaten all over Asia, and should not be confused with ‘Sooran’ or ‘Yam’. Taro root is picked up from the colocasia leaves, which come in two types, the black and green stemmed ones. The meat of the Taro root is very tasty and one of its kind. It’s an extremely special and rare seasonal produce and the harvest usually happens in the period during October-December in India,” she also wrote.

She also suggests to make the rare seasonal root, a regular part of the diet.


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