The Rise in Tomato Prices creates Worry in consumers!


New Delhi: The Retail Tomato prices have jumped up to Rs 80 per kg in most cities across India but the rates have shot up to as high as Rs 120 per kg in a few southern states like Kerala and Tamil Nadu because of widespread rains in the region, as per the official data by State Governments

In Delhi, the retail price of tomatoes was at 80per kg, in Chennai 100per kg, Puducherry Rs 90 per kg, Bengaluru Rs 88 per kg, and Hyderabad Rs 65 per kg.

According to the data maintained by the Consumer Affairs Ministry for 167 centers representing all regions of the country, the retail tomato prices began to rise from the beginning of October and have been floating at high levels in November. prices may start going down by December.

Due to heavy rains at an unwanted time, the tomato crop has been damaged causing a tight supply situation.


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