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Priyanka Not so Beautiful for UP: Elections 2022

The entire state unit of Congress is standing behind Priyanka Gandhi for its revival in 2019. But, this has not happened till now.

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Ansh Pandey
News Writer, TheNewzTub

As Uttar Pradesh inches closer to the assembly election in 2022. Uttar Pradesh Congress leader “Dheeraj Gurjar” has said that congress will emerge as king to throw BJP out of power. Gurjar made this statement while speaking to PTI on Sunday. For the past 30 years, Congress has been out of power in Uttar Pradesh.

As we all know, Priyanka Gandhi and her cadre have recently been given charge to lead Uttar Pradesh in elections. The recent remarks by Congress leader Gurjar have erupted into a debate on the prospects of the party in the upcoming battleground. Congress was quite optimistic about their preparedness. But, Unfortunately Panchayat Elections has squashed all the preparedness of Congress. The party was able to bag 125 out of 3050 seats. This means congress is still insignificant in Uttar Pradesh.

The entire state unit of Congress is standing behind Priyanka Gandhi for its revival in 2019. But, this has not happened till now. The Central unit of Congress has already denied any pre-poll alliance. Creating further issues for the party. In 2017, Congress was able to grab only 6.25% voter share. This was a significant decline of 5%. Congress won only 7 out of 403 assembly seats.

The Gandhi factor is not notching up in elections. The image of Gandhi and eminent leaders are one of the major reasons responsible for the Party’s self tarnish over the years. Major leaders are leaving one by one and loyal leaders are also in rebel mode. Priyanka Gandhi was never in politics. But, the 2018 congress victory in assembly opened doors for her to hop into the game.

She remains active on social media and attacks the BJP State unit regularly on issues like Farm Protests, Law & Justice, Fuel hikes, etc. but, the party somehow fails to deliver messages to the masses. Neeti Nair, professor of history at the University of Virginia once said, “The formal foray of Priyanka Gandhi in Indian Politics is good. but, until congress fixes its old issues and image. Their return to the majority is impossible”.

The image of Congress was manipulated heavily during the UPA regime of 2004-2014. This will always be the number one reason for congress to remain out of power. Whereas, when we talk of other contenders in Elections. SP, BSP, and even all-new AAP are better in holding grounds and masses as their message deliverance and image are strong.

Talking of BJP, The Modi-Yogi Duo factor has attracted a large number of voters and most of them have not defected once. Despite happenings of CAA riots, Slowdown of Economy, Demonetisation, etc. reason is quite simple that all other contenders have fixed all their points where congress is lacking. BJP units are well prepared in setting up agendas and moving forward with them.

2022 elections will have more significance for congress than anyone else. It will be a litmus test for congress’s organizational skills and poll management. The Party needs a juggernaut push for restarting their aspects and becoming king again. Priyanka Gandhi Holds the charm for elections or not, time will tell.

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