Punjab produces 39% Nationwide Paddy Till Now, 13% Decrease than Last Year


New Delhi: According to the data of the Punjab Mandi Board, Punjab has harvested 39% of the total paddy this year. While 52% harvesting was completed by this time last year. A decrease of 13% is seen.
According to Farmers and Mandi Officials, This is because of sudden rain. 75.05 LT of paddy has been received in Mandi till 25t October. The Punjab government is expecting to procure 190 LT paddy in the Mandis this year. Whereas, 203 LT was procured last year.
The procurement started to pick up after 20th October. When the daily procurement started touching 7-8LT/Day. Whereas on the previous weekend. There was only 2.8 LT and 4.6 LT arrival. Whereas, 66% of the total arrived paddy has already been lifted by the vendors from Mandis.
Agriculture experts say weather conditions are not favorable this year for the harvesting which has been hit by the delayed monsoon, which arrived late and withdrew in October against September. Again there was heavy rain on Saturday and Sunday.


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