Centre aims International Travel resumption from 15th Dec but, New Variant ‘concerns’ the decision

The air bubble of at-risk nations may get canceled for a few days if the omicron variant rages.


New Delhi: According to sources, The Central Government has planned the resumption of international flights from 15th December. But the govt. may defer the decision due to uncertainty because of the new ‘Omicron’ Variant of COVID-19.  

As Europe is Suffering from a new wave of Pandemic, The government has released a list of ‘at-risk countries. Even if international scheduled flights are resumed. It will depend on whether a country is present in this list. The list at present has the whole of Europe including the UK, and South Africa, Brazil, Bangladesh, Botswana, China, are at ‘risk of wave’.

Passengers traveling from these countries will have to undergo additional tests upon arrival in India, including post-arrival testing.

After this decision, a fall in airfares on key routes is likely to happen, as well as the air bubble arrangement, that India signed with 31 countries as an interim measure instead of usual flights is likely to end.

According to the Ministry of Aviation, “The countries outside the “at-risk” list will be allowed 100% of pre-COVID flights. Whereas, Countries in the “at-risk” list, but with whom India has an air-bubble will be allowed 75% of pre-COVID flights, while those with which India doesn’t have air-bubbles will be allowed 50% of pre-pandemic flights.

The air bubble of at-risk nations may get cancelled for few days if the concerns are verified.


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