Get Your Vehicle Insured Against Any Natural Disaster

- Ishika Sen


The recent occurrence of a Cyclone Yaas, as well as other different cyclones, tsunamis, earthquake and landslides, have shown us how much unimaginable harm and damage can be brought about by mother nature. Big heavy branches or the trunk of a tree fallen on the bonnet of a vehicle, and vehicles floating in window-level flood waters, are recognizable sights during the monsoons each year. Clearly you would be stressed over the wellbeing of your vehicle when such natural calamities happen. You can just reduce the risk of loss by buying affordable car insurance in New Delhi. Similarly dangerous are disasters made and brought about by human power, for example, vehicles being harmed during riots and at times of civil or military agitation. 

You can’t prevent such natural or man made disasters from occurring yet the savvy thing that you can and ought to do, is to get your vehicle protected against calamities by buying your vehicle insurance as soon as possible.

Disaster coverage in comprehensive auto insurance

In the event that your vehicle is protected with a comprehensive auto insurance policy, you can recover the expense of repair as your insurance provider will cover you for the damages endured to your vehicle if there is an occurrence of natural calamities and man-made disaster. Your expense will be compensated by making a vehicle insurance claim.

  • Remember in any case, that on the off chance that you buy third-party liability vehicle insurance, you won’t be covered for harms or damage to your vehicle from calamities, since this advantage is offered distinctly with comprehensive vehicle insurance plans. 
  • One can never anticipate what will be the degree of damage caused to your vehicle during very heavy rainfall, floods and such disasters. It may be anything from the roof of your vehicle getting seriously dented to water entering the engine of your car  generally because of your repeated attempts to start it. While external harms, for example, dents are taken care of in the main vehicle insurance plan and all the more easily repaired, engine harm and damage is a more genuine concern of worry that may not be covered and can be truly a costly hit on your finances. 
  • This is the place where getting your vehicle insured with comprehensive vehicle insurance is helpful. Comprehensive vehicle insurance plans offer you the alternative of add-on covers that give you an additional layer of security for your vehicle. You can choose from a variety of add-on covers, purchase whichever add-on you find valuable and remember it for your base vehicle insurance policy.

Auto engine protection add-on cover

Typical damage or harm caused to your car’s engine from calamities, can be through water ingression in view of continued cranking, known as ‘hydrostatic lock’. 

A car engine protection add-on will cover you for any costs identifying with car engine damage. The highlights of engine insurance add-on cover are: 

  • Misfortune because of oil leakage 
  • Misfortune from water ingression 
  • Misfortune to gearbox 
  • Hydrostatic Lock 

On the off chance that you live in a heavy rainfall and flood-inclined region, getting your car engine protection add-on cover from an auto insurance agency in India can be valuable for you. 

Car tyre protection add-on cover

Tyres are the other fundamental component of your vehicle that suffers a lot normally, and that’s just the beginning of how tire damage happens as a result of a natural calamity. Accordingly, getting tyre protection add-on cover is a keen consideration in your thorough vehicle insurance to protect your vehicle. After all top-end excellent tires don’t come cheap.

Roadside assistance add-on cover

In the event that your vehicle is stranded during a calamity and you can’t move it from its area, roadside assistance add-on cover will come to your rescue with significant services, for example, towing your vehicle to a garage or safe area, fuel recharge and tire change. It can likewise arrange a taxi to help you arrive at your destination. 

Summary: If your car has suffered any damage or harm during natural calamity or man made disaster then consider clicking a photo of your damaged vehicle, with all other documents required and submit it at the earliest to your insurance agency to get claim your insurance and reduce the risk of your heavy expenses on your vehicle.


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