How To Preserve Paneer The Right Way

Keeping dairy items stored appropriately is usually a difficult thing to do. There are a few tips listed here to keep your paneer fresh for a long time so that your paneer ends up being flavorful and safe whenever you cook it.


Managing the shelf life of paneer is one of the serious issues that a lot of us face in the kitchen. We regularly purchase a major block of paneer, yet when we use it, it either goes hard or stale or both. A great many people simply push it in the refrigerator and anticipate that it should remain fresh for a long period. However, if you are looking to buy paneer in Singapore, keep in mind that the fresh paneer just remains fresh for a little while in the refrigerator. In the event that you store for a long time, it won’t just lose its moisture and harden up yet in addition harbor germs that can be harmful to wellbeing. If you also battle with keeping paneer fresh for long, you are at the right spot. Here we present some valuable tips that will help you increase the shelf life of paneer without any problem.

Right way to preserve Paneer

The simplest method to preserve paneer is to wrap it in a piece of damp muslin fabric and store it in the fridge. Don’t think that the water won’t evaporate in the refrigerator, as refrigeration leads to moisture loss from the surface. Accordingly, if you need to keep the paneer fresh for long, continue to keep the muslin material wet each four to five hours by sprinkling it with some water. Ensure every one of the surfaces of the paneer block is covered in the muslin and don’t wrap too tightly. Along these lines, your paneer block will remain fresh for long. Possibly take out paneer when required.

How to preserve paneer without muslin cloth

Relax if you don’t have a muslin fabric at home. Take a bowl with a lid and fill it with water. Put the paneer block in it such that it is completely submerged in water. Then close it with the lid and put this in the refrigerator.  The water in the bowl will keep the paneer moist and fresh for a long time. In any case, you should change this water regularly if you would require it after a couple of days. This strategy works on locally bought paneer as well as homemade paneer. However, it is recommended not to refrigerate it for more than a few days. Remember to keep the paneer shut with a lid, or else the part exposed to air will go sour and hard.

How to preserve packed paneer

In the event that you have purchased packed paneer from the market, let it go into the refrigerator as soon as you reach home. Try not to take it out or open the pack if you don’t need it at that moment. Make sure to take it out of the fridge 30 minutes prior to cooking. To soften the paneer, you can cut it into cubes and put it into a bowl of warm water for about 20-30 minutes.  Order freshly paneer online to get started.

Can you put the paneer in the freezer

If you have purchased a large block of paneer however you would not be utilizing every last bit of it immediately, you can also put them in a freezer. Just cut them into small cubes and move them onto a plate. Put this plate in the freezer until the paneer cubes turn hard on the outside. You don’t have to freeze them. Put the frozen paneer pieces in a ziplock bag and try to eliminate as much air as possible. Then put it back into the freezer. If you are freezing an entire block, cover it in plastic wrap and afterward with aluminum foil to protect it from the freezer burn. Simply defrost the paneer in a microwave prior to cooking.


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