The importance of content marketing for SEO

SEO content boosts your visibility on search engines which directs people to your site and urges individuals to buy your items or services.


Content is extremely significant for SEO, without it search engines will not have sufficient data to index your pages effectively and help you rank. Assuming you don’t have a strong SEO procedure, the pages on your site won’t ever be seen or shared. They will just be there online without any guests and that sort of invalidates the point doesn’t it!? SEO content boosts your visibility on search engines which directs people to your site and urges individuals to buy your items or services. By investing into SEO content, you can enhance your business’ main concern.

What actually is SEO content?

Content comprises written material, pictures, video and audio that you show on your site. 

A few examples of written content are: 

  • Blog posts 
  • Articles 
  • Case studies 
  • Whitepapers 

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg! 

Search engines like Google need to deliver search results that are important and pertinent to the client. What makes this SEO content is that it is written in view of search engines in mind. Thus, the objective of SEO content for Google is to consider it significant and pertinent enough to be situated on the main page of the search engine results page (SERPs).

How to write SEO content

Over the years Google’s search algorithms keep on developing. Give close consideration to these changes, since they disclose to you how to get on Google’s good side and assist your pages with being in best positions on the SERPs. Search engine optimization content isn’t only any content, it should be excellent and helpful to the guest. 

Client experience is a significant factor in how Google chooses which content should rank in the search engines for top positions. However, there’s a lot of awful content on the web. For instance, in the event that you have a blog, the most ideal approach to rank your blog posts is to write content that moves toward the point from a different perspective or offers more benefit than different sites that have written on a similar topic. 

To write SEO content, you should know a couple of basics.

Length of the content

Longer content pieces usually 1000+ words have appeared to rank better on search engines. However, it’s significant to keep paragraphs short in blog posts and other site content. Separate paragraphs in 1-2 sentences or at most 3-4 sentences.

Readability of the content

Google inclines toward content that has a specific reading level, so readers find it easier to understand it. Instead of simplifying your content, it’s more about opening it up to a more extensive audience who can discover value in it as well.

Tone of voice of the content

Keeping a consistent manner of speaking in your writings assists the reader with understanding the viewpoint at which you’re writing from. This also enhances readability too.

Formatting of the content

The manner in which you format your writing plays a significant part in SEO. Using headings all through the article assists the readers with exploring the content better. Utilizing bullet points allows for simpler listing of things that the reader should focus on. Make sure you have visuals to separate the content significantly further.

Keywords for the content

To find what words are being looked at by clients the most on keyword research. Keywords help search engines appreciate that your content is about a specific point. They can likewise mention to you what specifically to write on, if there’s a higher search volume that implies you’ll have a superior possibility of individuals reading your content.

Linking of the content

Google has said that internal linking to different pages on your site and backlinks from different sites can likewise improve SEO. This likewise offers credibility to your content, since you’re giving more resources.

Alt Text

It refers to a type of text that provides the user with a description of an image generally for accessibility purposes.

Few common mistakes in digital content production

Focusing on the Wrong Keywords 

The best keywords to target are long tail keywords which are between 3 to 5 words that usually have high search volume yet low competition. In case you’re looking for Keywords with high competition your efforts will likely be unproductive.

Utilizing Too Many Keywords 

One target keyword is ideal per page of your site. However, make sure you don’t stuff the page with this keyword, Google will penalize you on the off chance that you do this. Maintain a sensible keyword density, there are various free tools to check keyword density on the web.

Duplicate Content 

Google esteems unique content and doesn’t actually like replicated or copy content. Make sure the content on your site was created in view of this.

Missing SEO Title Tags and Meta Descriptions for your website

These tags assist Google with understanding what a page is about when it is crawling your site. Make sure that you have title tags and meta descriptions improved with vital keywords.

Missing Image ALT Tags on your content

Alt tags assist with accessibility, for the individuals who are visually impaired or have issues with their sight, alt tags assist them with exploring website pages by reading the alt text to them over the speaker. All realistic pictures can have alt text, and Google prefers that your pages remember this.

Poor linking on your website

Google likes when you give sources to your content or extra resources that will assist the client with understanding the topic better. Make certain that you are interlinking between the pages on your site, to utilize SEO juice from other different pages. Another important linking strategy that is significant is building backlinks. In any case, don’t go to black cap techniques to get backlinks like buying them. Rather build good relationships with different sites and send a polite email to them inquiring if they will link to your content.


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