iPhone 6 plus to become Vintage next year, will continue to get repairs

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, will be classified as vintage products starting next year. These two smartphones kickstarted the fashion of iPhones.

I phone 6 and 6 Plus (in pic)

New Delhi: The iPhone 6, a popular iPhone model is going to join the company’s vintage product category as suggested by reports. Along with it, the iPhone 6 Plus, will be also classified as a vintage product starting next year. These two smartphones kickstarted the fashion of iPhones with large displays. However, Apple will continue to provide its repair. However, the production will now drop to zero.

This is a part of apple’s policy. Which states, a product will be marked as vintage after five years have passed after its discontinuation. This is the fifth year running since its discontinuation and hence, iPhone 6 Plus will be eligible for a vintage mark starting next year.

The device stopped receiving its OTT updates in 2019. However, repair and maintenance will be available in Apple Stores, and Apple authorized service centers. This will vary on Spare part availability.

However, The iPhone 6 will still enjoy a space in Apple’s regular product category because the vanilla model is still sold in some countries, including India, till 2018. This means it still has two-three more years left before it joins the list of vintage Apple devices.


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