Bob Biswas Movie Review: Actor Abhishek Bachchan Gives His Best Performance, But Not As Good As The Original Character

Bob Biswas weaves an entire story around Abhishek Bachchan – transforming him into an embodiment of poison.


New Delhi: Bob Biswas, initially played by Saswata Chatterjee in Sujoy Ghosh’s 2012 Kahaani featuring Vidya Balan, is carved in our mind even after nearly a decade. Chatterjee/Bob’s evil smile when he presents himself as “Aami Bob Biswas… Ek Minute” prior to shooting his victim at a gun point is literally spine-chilling. He never misses his targets.

Bob Biswas weaves an entire story around Abhishek Bachchan – transforming him into an embodiment of poison. He doesn’t flutter an eyelid before the bullet from his gun flies, killing a man or a woman dead and cold. His aim is very precise, and he is never seen regretting his bloody actions. Yet, this was before he slipped into a coma after meeting with a terrible accident. At the point when he wakes him, he has lost his memory, and Diya makes him softer, gentler. We nearly start to feel some kind of empathy for him, and need him to live.

Diya’s routine starts with waking up Bob. He has been in a comatose state for a long time, and when he gets up he is totally lost. Mary Biswas, his wife played splendidly by Chitrangada Singh, takes him home. They have a little child named Benny and a high school girl named Mini. She is preparing to get into a medical course, and her neighbor, rehearsing for a music contest which leads her to lose her focus every night  when she sits to study. He is a narrow minded kind of a person and would not listen to anyone when requested to keep his volume low or shut his window. He ultimately shoots him dead in reflex action which comes naturally to him.

The screenplay is thrilling, very well-helmed and crisp with several extremely interesting characters like Kali Da played by Paran Bandopadhyay, who runs a homeopathic medical store where Bob is asked by some strange looking men to get his “Nux-Vomica” medicine. The packet he gets contains not the medication but rather bullets and a gun. Bounce, still ignorant regarding what his identity is, gets pushed around into doing what he isn’t happy with. He is given the photo of the man or woman he is supposed to kill. Furthermore he was seen going on a Kill Bill spree. 

The plot is conveniently tied, no last details here and there, with a stunning performance. He showed no feelings or emotions, just a cold and calculating attitude.


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