The best types of pasta sauces you need to try

With such countless various kinds of pasta sauce, it's no surprise that picking a most loved sauce can be a test. But we have got you covered, you can choose from the above sauces mentioned which suits your taste buds the best.


You may believe that Italian food is about pasta, but the various kinds of pasta sauce prepared for your dish are similarly significant. In all honesty, the list of pasta sauces is as long as the various sorts of pasta variety you get. Italian Restaurants offer an exemplary ragu to go with your spaghetti noodles, carbonara sauce for your fettuccine. There’s red pasta sauce, white sauce pasta, light pasta sauce and also heavy pasta sauce. There’s pesto sauce, pasta marinara, alfredo, thus a lot more tasty and unique pasta sauces you need to try! 

There are various pasta sauce types to give a try, but you need to begin somewhere! Here are 10 top picks.


Bolognese is an exemplary Italian pasta sauce recipe that is most usually matched with long pasta noodles like tagliatelle, spaghetti, or fettuccine. Beginning from the Italian city of Bologna, bolognese is a meat-based spaghetti sauce that is generally heavy on the meat and light on the tomatoes. 

Bolognese has become eminently well known outside of Italy, yet in the USA, it’s more like a tomato-based sauce. Ground beef is cooked first, then mixed with tomato sauce prior to combining it with long pasta noodles.


Ragu is another conventional Italian sauce that, as bolognese, is likewise meat-based. Ragus are generally thick on the meat and have a small quantity of tomato sauce added to them just for the flavor. Bolognese is actually a sort of ragu, and you will discover countless ragu recipes that include beef as well as contain veal, chicken, pork, and even horsemeat. As it is a thick sauce, ragu is best presented with long noodles and is the meatiest spaghetti sauce.


Quite possibly the most well known kind of sauce for pasta is marinara pasta sauce. However, this tomato-based sauce originates from Italian-American communities in the USA, as opposed to in Italy itself. That doesn’t stop it from being flavorsome, and with a base of tomatoes, garlic, and Italian spices and seasonings, it’s not difficult to make marinara pasta sauce that too from scratch. Marinara functions admirably with meatballs, but on the other hand it has discovered a place in lasagnas, casseroles, and even in sandwiches. As a tomato-based sauce, marinara sauce isn’t to be mistaken with another exemplary pasta dish, spaghetti marinara. Spaghetti marinara is a delicious sea-food based pasta dish.


Pesto is an awesome healthy pasta sauce that is conventionally set up with a particular base of basil. You blend in pine nuts, a little olive oil, and a lot of cheese (for the most part Parmigiano-Reggiano), alongside a couple of spices and flavors. The basil gives pesto sauce that prominent green color, and as it’s a light sauce, pesto can just be mixed into your pasta once it is cooked, instead of being simmered on the side. Pesto is a simple spaghetti sauce that can be mixed together when you have the right ingredients, and it makes for a heavenly tomato sauce substitute when you get bored of the ragus and the marinara.

Aglio e olio

Aglio e olio is another no tomato pasta sauce that is really simple to get ready at home also. Truth be told, you just need two elements for this light sauce and some spaghetti to go with it. Aglio e olio translates as garlic and oil, and this simple basic base is frequently made more complex by adding some parmesan and chilli. On the off chance that you’re light on ingredients at home, this is the best spaghetti sauce you can plan with restricted time and resources. It’s simple yet it’s flavorsome!


Alfredo sauce is neither light nor tomato-based, as it’s made utilizing a base of thick cream, butter, and cheese. This sauce isn’t one for the calorie counters out there, however it is the best sauce for people who love rich and wholesome flavors. Alfredo is best presented with thick, long pasta noodles, with fettuccine being the most famous. The sauce is mostly combined with white meat or seafood, especially chicken or shrimp. Alfredo goes especially well with a glass of white wine.


Carbonara sauce is an exemplary staple of Italian cuisine and it’s extraordinary compared to other pasta sauce choices. Like alfredo sauce, carbonara is additionally cream-based and contains a large amount of ground cheese. The primary difference that sets it aside is the addition of egg to the recipe, which permits the sauce to stick to the pasta. Carbonara, in its most essential form, mostly just includes egg and cheese and a little cream, while the US version generally goes all out to make a super-thick, rich sauce. Carbonara is cooked along with long thick pasta noodles, and the most well-known addition to this dish is bacon or pork.

Cacio e pepe

Cacio e pepe is an incredibly simple, yet astoundingly tasty pasta sauce that you can undoubtedly prepare at home also. Cacio e pepe is basically made with cheese and dark pepper. These are the two main ingredients needed for this recipe. Cheese and pepper are combined as one, then added to long spaghetti noodles that are fresh out of the container. The cheese dissolves into the spaghetti to create an awesome sauce that takes no time at all to cook. Beside the cheese and pepper sauce, you can serve your spaghetti noodles with something complementary like ham, mushrooms, or shrimp.

Funghi e piselli

Funghi e piselli is not so well known Italian sauce, however a sauce that is both light and healthy as well. You’ll require garlic, onions, peas, and mushrooms for this dazzling sauce, and you should simply sauté the ingredients together in a dish.  prepare your favorite short pasta, like rigatoni or fusilli, cooking the shapes until they are somewhat firm. Coat your pasta in the funghi e piselli sauce. You can also sprinkle  a little parmesan to wrap it up. 

Vegan pasta sauce

A wide range of pasta sauce can be made to suit a veggie lover diet nowadays. A fundamental tomato sauce, or Pomodoro, blended in with garlic and spices is the easiest tomato-based sauce that is absolutely vegetarian. For a ragu or a bolognese, you can substitute the ground meat with something vegan like Quorn or tofu. Velvety, thick sauces, for example, alfredo or carbonara are harder to get ready without dairy items, however there are lots of vegetarian options you can discover in the store to replace cream and cheese ingredients.


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