Actor Ram Charan’s Wife Upasana Adopts Two Lion Cubs: Names Them Vicky And Lakshmi Respectively

Upasana's adoption news was disclosed through an official announcement made by the zoo staff.


New Delhi: Telugu movie megastar Ram Charan’s wife Upasana Kamineni is very much active on social media platforms. Aside from being engaged with community services, Upasana is likewise known to be an animal lover. As of late, she has adopted two Asian lion cubs at the Nehru Zoological Park situated in Hyderabad.

Upasana’s adoption news was disclosed through an official announcement made by the zoo staff. Upasana has enthusiastically taken up all the responsibilities including their food and upkeep. She has named the two cubs as Vicky and Lakshmi.

As per the reports, a check of Rs. 2 lakh was given over to the curator at the Nehru Zoological Park, S. Rajasekhar. Upasana let the media know that she picked the zoo since she was very much impressed with their animal rearing and the manner in which they deal with the animals.

Upasana additionally complimented the curator and his fellow team members on the event. She said that in addition to the great care facilities for the 200 creatures at the zoo, she is really impressed by the dedication of the staff in keeping up with legitimate cleanliness for every one of the animals housed here.

Upasana is currently also associated with the Apollo Hospital and frequently assists those admitted in the hospital. She is likewise a fitness enthusiast and continues sharing interesting fitness videos on her social media page.

Upasana’s husband, Actor Ram Charan, is having an incredible professional phase wherein he is showing up in one blockbuster after another. He has two movies generally set to be released in the year 2022 -RRR featuring Ajay Devgn, NTR. Jr, Alia Bhatt and Acharya.


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