Modi govt. insensitive towards people, especially farmers: Sonia Gandhi

The Party Chief was addressing the meeting of Congress MPs at the Parliament House

Sonia Gandhi (in pic)

New Delhi: Interim Congress president Sonia Gandhi questioned the intentions of the Centre and accused it of refusing to allow a discussion in Parliament on the border situation, among others. She also questioned the government’s Covid-19 vaccination strategy on the 7th of November.
The Party Chief was addressing the meeting of Congress MPs at the Parliament House, she also said the party is firm in ‘commitment to stand by the farmers in their demands for a legally guaranteed Minimum Support Price along with compensation to the bereaved families and drop of cases’.
She asked center, “I cannot understand how and why the Modi Government is so insensitive and continues to deny the seriousness of the problem. It seems impervious to the suffering of the people.” She questioned the rise in prices of essential commodities.

She further added, “the prices of edible oils, pulses, and vegetables are burning and affecting the monthly budget of every household. The rising prices of cement, steel and other basic industrial commodities also do not bode well for economic recovery.”

She also stressed on government’s initiative of selling off precious national assets like banks, insurance companies, public sector enterprises, railways, and airports.
she said, “First, the prime minister destroyed the economy with his demonetization move of November 2016. He is continuing on that disastrous path but calling it monetization.” Issues like China, etc. were also addressed by Sonia Gandhi.


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