Abdullah Chants ‘Pakistan’ again; asks Govt. to Talk for Peace in J&K

Farooq Abdullah (in pic)

New Delhi: National Conference president and former J&K chief minister Farooq Abdullah has said there is no way for the government other than talking to Pakistan if they want peace in the Union Territory.

“You have to talk with pakistan if you want to end militancy in region”

Says Farooq Abdullah

Farooq Abdullah was speaking at an event related to the killings of two policemen in Bandipora, J&K. Here Abdullah was asked about the incident on which he said, “It is a sad story; let the government, who are saying everything is hunky-dory (speak). Is it hunky-dory? Are people safe? When your police personnel is not safe, how is an ordinary man safe?”

Later a journalist asked him about Pakistan. On which Abdullah anguished and said, “You(govt.) have to talk with Pakistan, there is no way out if you want to end militancy and want peace in the region.”

Addressing migrant Kashmiri Pandits, Abdullah asserted, without mentioning Pakistan, that “they thought Kashmir will be theirs” through ethnic cleansing. But, he added, “I want to reiterate from this stage that even if the sky and earth join hands, Jammu and Kashmir will never fall in their hands.”

He added, “Muslims didn’t make you leave (Kashmiri Pandits), but those vested interests who do not understand dharma, and who will never understand it made you leave. They involve both your own and our own people.”


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