Major Benefits Of Using Wood Blinds At Your Home

Window blinds will be the center of attraction for your home. It is time you pick the ideal blinds that fit your requirements well.


Wood blinds are the natural choice with their flawless wood excellence, elegance, fashionable colors, huge number of options and best quality. While decorating your new place or giving a makeover to an old one, blinds play an essential part in decorating your dwelling place. In any case, wood blinds in Delhi are always in well known interest as it offers different benefits to give to the clients. Blinds can be legitimately called a versatile piece of home decor serving numerous requirements simultaneously. From controlling the amount of sunlight entering into your space to giving truly necessary protection, these window covers deal with everything.

Why choose wooden blinds?

Wooden blinds don’t simply give a wooden look to the blinds yet in addition give a calming look. A wooden blind can change the boring look of your place into a modern one instantly. Wooden blinds have a natural appeal which gives the entire room a natural look. Wooden blinds can dominate the curtains as the blinds look more ravishing than the curtains used to before the blinds appeared. Wood blinds can possibly block abundance heat from outside and keep a cool temperature inside the room.

Faux wood blinds

Even the windows in damp areas like kitchen and washroom which are effectively inclined to dampness can be fixed with faux wood blinds as they are sufficiently able to stand such wet conditions without getting damaged in any way.

Types of wood used for wooden blinds

Generally, there are two sorts of wood used to make the wooden blinds in particular Ramin wood and Basswood. 

Bass wood is fundamentally used to make those wooden blinds which are strong and powerful in nature. Though, the Ramin wood isn’t that strong and therefore, the blinds made up of this wood are generally a lot less expensive. 

The wooden blinds can be made with or without the hold alternative. Blinds with holes have the ability to let little amount of the sunlight go through the blinds yet in the event that there is no hole in the blinds, it will permit zero sunlight to go into the room, bringing about a total dark room.

Varieties of wooden blinds

Wooden blinds are not accessible in simple wood which you may consider. These wooden blinds additionally come in different variations, for example, woven wood blinds, fake wood blinds, vertical wood blinds and mini blinds. 

Motorized blinds

Apart from these, the wooden blinds are additionally accessible in various operating styles. For example, motorized blinds can assist you with the working of blind from any side of the abode without having to go towards the blinds, though in manual blinds, you need to use your hands to change the blinds with the help of a cord or lever.

Such blind is accessible in the market which has anti-static control features inserted in it. Alongside these, wooden blinds come in a lot more different variations.

Roller blinds

Assuming you are searching for blinds in Delhi that are the simplest to fit, roller blinds are an ideal alternative for you. These blinds have least equipment and come in two varieties: inside mount blinds and outside mount blinds. On the off chance that you need to make your windows look taller, select outside mount blinds. In any case, assuming you need more light to go into the room, inside mounts will be an ideal option. To install these blinds, you need to drill holes in the window frame to guarantee that the brackets are set up. When the brackets are fitted to the frame, click the roller blinds in place and there you go, it’s done!

Things to check while buying blinds

Before you select your idol wooden blinds for your space, try to check the size of the slats of the blinds. For example, small windows require slats with one inch while the size of the slats increases by two inches when the window or doors are of bigger size.


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