Married for 22 years, Decoupled actor R Madhavan on how marriages have changed: ‘People quit easily’

The show revolves around a new-age couple dealing with contemporary issues in relationships.


Coming Friday, and Netflix will bring forward a fresh tale on relationships and marriages with Decoupled. It stars R Madhavan and Surveen Chawla as a married couple on the verge of a breakup. Ever since the trailer dropped, fans have been intrigued by the premise of the show.

Madhavan shared that he was initially skeptical about the response to the show given it was entirely in English. “I had some people asking why you are not catering to the Hindi, Tamil or other Indian languages. However, the show is about a pulp fiction writer, who thinks and speaks in English. It would have been unfair to land these jokes in any other language. But once the trailer dropped, much to my amazement, the media and public have reacted to it with great reliability. And that really makes encouraged me.”

The show revolves around a new-age couple dealing with contemporary issues in relationships. Given the 3 Idiots actor has been married for a good 22 years, we asked him about the changes that he has seen in terms of marriage and relationships.

“I think people are quitting so easily. Priority ki vaat lag gaya hai (nobody cares about priorities). Also, there are so many distractions and pressures, especially put by the corporates and trends. That makes you feel inadequate. It’s undue pressure. I think it’s important to recognize what is important. In the end, it all cuts down to a simple life, with a companion. I think if we look at the relationship shared by most of our parents, we will know it’s not so complicated.”

Echoing his thoughts, Surveen Chawla agreed that we may desire to have a simple life but end up complicating it ourselves. Stating that with so much stress already in life, she wonders how people get time to create issues in relationships. The actor also said that being a part of Decoupled has also changed her outlook towards relationships.


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