3 Small Business Trends to Know

Under the current climate, most small businesses are looking to eCommerce to create new opportunities.

  1. Shifting toward eCommerce
    In the past years, there’s been a steady shift of brick and mortar stores taking their businesses and services online and launching successful eCommerce websites. Under the current climate, most small businesses are looking to eCommerce to create new opportunities. Some of these include selling merchandise online, either as a main source of income or in congruence with additional practices, while manufacturing can be done anywhere.
  2. Using mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is one of the biggest small business trends to take over the global stage with no indication of slowing down. It means marketing your business to your mobile user audience by reaching them via their smartphones or tablets. After all, as smartphone ownership continues to grow rapidly around the world – with an estimated five billion people carrying mobile devices – the most direct channel to your audience is very likely through their phone.

  1. Personalizing customer service

In 2022, it’s more important than ever to clearly define your target audience. Through understanding your customers’ behavior you’ll be better equipped to market your business or brand directly to them. Personalized customer service is about adapting services to the specific needs and wants of each of your clients. People today do not want to be bombarded with too many options and prefer a personal touch instead, expecting more businesses to know precisely what they want. By taking a couple of simple steps, your business can offer personalized service, thus strengthening your customer engagement. We know that fully engaged customers are 23% more likely than average customers to spend with your business, which may also help increase your long-term profit.
One way to learn more about your customers is through developing a buyer persona to gather some invaluable data about who your clients are. Explore web analytics tools such as Google Analytics for gathering insights about your visitors, including the number of people to your site, how they got to there (i.e. search engine, social media, or other), which products are top sellers and what’s driving users’ purchase decisions.


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