About Us

India, called the biggest Democratic country of the world, not just because of its population, but due to its wide and broad society, which leads to more national and international incidents, and therefore, a lots of responsibility is needed to be handled. 

Some sources and people use the resources like data, knowledge, information and the most of the important thing that is trust in wrong manner, which leads people to make multiple unfortunate and biased decisions.  

And, here comes our part, we came in the market to associate authentic media and technology to provide people with the best knowledge and understanding. 

Our company TUB The Unbiased media Pvt. Ltd. is not only running a website and digital media platforms but, we also work related to content, campaigns and digital marketing. We believe in a holistic approach and therefore, we are integrating content in a such a way to get maximum legit output and serve the nation and world in a different and unique approach.  

“Only biased towards truth”